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1. How did Owens get the nickname “Jesse”?

2. Which 2 brothers won the light heavyweight and middleweight boxing gold’s  at the 1976 Montreal, Olympics?

3. In cricket how did the term hat-trick originate?

4. Which country hosted the 1st World Cup football & why was it chosen?

5. Which Palestinian terrorist group was responsible for the Munich, Olympic massacre of 1972? Why was it so named?

6. Which annual sporting event was first promoted by the French magazine L’auto brought out by journalist Henri Desgrange?

7. Before Zinedine Zidane  who was the last player to score two goals in a World Cup final?

8. Mohammed Ali won the heavyweight boxing title 3 times, one was the famous knock out of George Foreman, who were the other two whom he defeated?

9(a). Rules for which sport were laid down by Marquis John Sholto Douglas in 1868? 

9(b). Azhar’s 1st three ODI centuries all ended at the same score. What?

10(a). Rules for which sport were laid down by Marquis John Sholto Douglas in 1868?

10(b). Which game was evolved by Dr James Naismith (YMCA instructor) in 1891 to keep his students occupied during the winter break?

11. Which New Zealand cricketer has the distinction of captaining the national team on his debut test(it was not the debut test for his country)?

12. Javed Omar Belim (2000-2001), JE Barret (1880) and PF Warner (1898-99) are the only three batsmen to have achieved this distinction. What?

13. The World’s National Olympic Committees voted him No.1 in the Top 5 Athletes of  the century, but he was the only one of them never to have participated in the Olympics. Who?

14. In gambling casinos what common object of daily living is missing?

15(a). What is the 'Devil’s number' for an Australian cricketer?

15(b). What team did Don Bradman refer to when he said, 'It appears they score goals like cricket runs'?

16. In the 2000 Tennis Masters Cup, Lisbon this man beat Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi back to back to win the Cup. The last man to do so was Michael Chang in a not so major tournament in Montreal,1990. Who was this man?

17. What is the name of the silver salver lifted by Venus Williams as ladies singles winner of Wimbledon 2001?

18. How did the Indian soccer team qualify for the 1950, World Cup in Brazil, the only time they did so , though they eventually did not go?

19. The words of which poem are inscribed at the entrance of the players tunnel at Wimbledon?

20. According to NBA rules, which is the only part of a players attire where he can sport a commercial logo?

21. A ‘Timeless Test’  was played in 1939 between South Africa and England at Kingsmead, Durban from 3rd to 14th March. SA scoring 530 & 481 &  Eng scoring 316 & 654/5 when the match was drawn by agreement with England requiring 41 to win. Why?

22. In the 1962 World Cup which team played Chile in the ‘battle of Santiago’?

23(a). Who is the youngest sportsperson to have a statue at madam Tussad’s waxworks?

23(b). In which Olympics did the host nation fail to win a single gold medal?

24. Along with Jules Rimet, which French journalist was instrumental in starting the World Cup Tournament?

25. Name the man standing with Ronaldo.

26. Name the bowler (with the black cap on).

27. The photo above is of the fatal accident of the father, while that below is a one week later accident of the son. The son survived and is being led off. Name this duo.

28. Name this chess player.

29. Name the football player in green shorts. 

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