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1. What family, in its Sunday-extra-large strip indulges in making horns over each other’s heads?

2. Whose punch line is, ‘What me worry?’ (Take care of the spelling.)

3. "'I love you,' she said, and together they laughed. Then one day she said, 'I hate you,' and they cried. But not together... ... The first time he saw her she was playing tennis. The last time he saw her she was playing tennis.'' Name the novelist who wrote these memorable lines. (Hint: An alter ego of Snoopy)

4. Which animated Disney film of the past 25 years was not based on a pre-existing story or fairy tale?

5. What is the significance of the numbers 176-176, 176-716, and 176-671 in cartoons? 

6. What teenage cartoon character’s eyes are never seen except sometimes when he is frightened? He has a friend named Josie.

7. He is called Milou in French, Struppi in German, Bobby in Dutch and Terry in Danish. What is the English name for this talking dog?

8. Crystal City in Texas, known for a particular product, erected a statue for its most famous consumer. Who and which product?

9. The official site of this character mentions its characteristics as: AGE: Never measured; HEIGHT: Never measured; WEIGHT: Never measured BODY COLOUR: Blue; EYES: Brown HAIR: Changes Shades; DRESS: Leopard Skin Outfit. The only tell-tale sign of power in the normal form of the character is eye mark on the forehead, which is kept covered with a headband pretending constant migraine. Whom are we talking about?

10. This legendary character, also made into an animation classic, was made of pinewood. His name means ‘pine-eyes’ in Italian. Who?

11. In the comic Asterix in Belgium, what twin characters from another comic make their appearance?

12. Which comic character was created by 2 seventeen year-olds Jarry Siegal, and Joe Schuster for action comics in June 1938?

13. Georges Rémi, the creator of Tintin, signed himself Hergé. Why?

14. Which animated film has the punch line, ‘It’s all about ME’?

15. The National Geographic is renowned for its attention to detail and the veracity of its maps and articles. However in its May 1977 issue, which featured an aspect of European history, one of the maps was inaccurate on one small count. None of the readers complained though. Why?

16. In 1962 when the producers of the show The Flintstones decided that Fred and Wilma were to have a child they initially decided on a boy. Later however a girl Pebbles was chosen. Why?

17. Name her, and take care of the spelling.

18. This cartoon character is based on a poem by Longfellow. Name the character

19. Name both of them.

20. What is this character, and what is his name?

21. Name him.

22. What is this instrument used for in what strip?

23. Identify.

24. Name both.

25. No, these are not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. So who are they?

26. Name the artist who did this self-portrait.

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