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1. Dumb shows were a kind of pantomime. Sometime they were used as a subpart of a play. In which of these Shakespearean plays does there occur such a 'dumb show'?

2. In June 1826, Reverend Patrick ______ returned from travel with a set of 12 wooden soldiers for his children. All of them created a magical world for 'The Twelves' as they called the soldiers. They founded a fictional kingdom on the African coast with a city named Great Glass Town, complete with government, newspapers etc. These stories were written in booklets and all 100 carefully preserved today. What's the blank, and why are they preserved?

3. Which English play is traditionally performed at 9 pm on June 23 every year?

4. The inventor of periscope did not get permission to take out a patent on his equipment. Why?

5. Just complete the missing words, and give their significance in Maugham's life, from the review of 'Of Human Bondage' in the Times Literary supplement which said of the main character - 'Like so many young men, was so busy yearning for the ____, that he never saw the ______ at his feet.'

6. What instrument did the cat play in the children's story 'The Bremen Town Musicians'?

7. Which fictional character's obituary appeared on the front page of the New York Times on 6th August 1975 after the release of the novel 'Curtain'?

8. What is common regarding the writing of the following works:

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes
History of the World by Sir Walter Raleigh
The Gentle Grafter by O'Henry
Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

9. According to mock turtle (Alice in Wonderland), Ambition, Distraction, Uglification, and Derision were different branches of what?

10. What was the cause of war between the Liliputians and their neighbours?

11. According to Kipling, which of his fictional characters was based on Juma, who bravely served the Guide's Regiment at the siege of Delhi?

12. The Ashenden Spy Stories narrate the personal experience of which British writer and secret agent during WW I?

13. Which British writer recounted his experience as a fighter pilot on the RAF in his autobiography 'Going Solo'? He also wrote the screenplay for You Only Live Twice.

14. When Sherlock Holmes talks of a '7% solution', of what does he speak?

15. 'Go on get out, last words are for fools who haven't said enough,' are last words of this famous man to his housekeeper when she asked if he had any last message minutes before he died. He resigned a journalistic post with the New York Tribune in the mid-1880s because he felt he wasn't being paid enough. Who?

16. Which publication's motto is 'Let knowledge grow from more to more and thus be human life enriched'?

17. The profits of the 1929 edition of Mein Kampf went to which organization?

18. What is the nationality of Aladdin according to the original story from Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights?

19. With the help of 13 men, he attempted  to overthrow the Government of Francisco Marcias Nguema. He invested $200K in this scheme in 1972, which ultimately failed because of the non-delivery of required ammunition by a Spanish co-conspirator. He was then given 250,000 for one of his books purely on the strength of the synopsis. Name him.

20. He had so many monetary problems as an undergraduate in university that he joined the army under a false name: Silas Tomkyn Comberbache. How do we know him better as?

21. Name this author.

22. Name the author of this book.


The upper picture shows three real life persons who inspired the characters of this book, and the lower picture shows the characters in a film inspired by the book. Name the book.

24. What Sherlock Holmes story is this original illustration from?


This statue belongs to a real life person who inspired a book. Name this persona and the book.

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