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1. How do we better know Barbara Millicent Roberts?

2. John Kenneth Galbraith said this of him: 'If there is any certainty as to what a businessman is, he is assuredly the things __________ is not.' Thomas Alva Edison once told him, 'Young man, you have the right idea. Keep at it.' He got his greatest inspiration while watching Chicago meat-packers cut beef that moved past them on an overhead trolley. Who and what idea?

3. By 1861, this product, produced in USA enjoyed higher sales abroad than in USA. Salesmen had to customise the machine because the tribesmen wanted it noisier, saying, 'Good iron makes loud noise.' Mahatma Gandhi called it 'one of the few useful things ever invented'. Name the machine.

4. This product is considered the best of its kind. The first one was completed in September 1968, took four years and $1.5 billion to build, and the effort almost sank the company and threw the city of Seattle into a depression. 7000 men worked to make it. What?

5. The first Xerox model was called the Xerox 914. The next model to come out was called the Xerox 813. Why?

6. What is common to J. Darley of England who jumped 12 feet backwards with weights, H. Hillman and Lawson Robertson who did 100 yards in 11 seconds in a 3-legged race, Ed Lamy who broad jumped 25 feet 7 inches on ice and S.D. Lee who hopped 100 yards in 11 seconds?

7. Charles IX of France felt that money-purses and pouches could be used to conceal knives or other weapons and hence, passed a law which banned their manufacture. What came about as a result of this?

8. John Harvey, a pathologist at a small hospital in Princetown, New Jersey contrived to get hold of an important artifact, which was discovered by Steven Levy, a reporter for the New Jersey monthly, at Harvey's house inside a box labeled 'Costa Cider' in two big Mason jars. What artifact are we talking about?

9. Why was the Bible's edition of 1631 known as the 'wicked Bible'?

10. In chat and e-mail lingo, what is TEOTWAWKI?

11. The Chinese call it a little mouse. Danes and Swedes an elephant's trunk, Germans a spider monkey, Italians a snail, Israelis pronounce it strudels and the Czechs say 'rollmops'. What is it?

12. Throughout France till the early sixteenth century, New Year's Day was celebrated on the 25th of March, when the spring season started. In 1564 when the calendar was shifted from the Julian to the Gregorian, King Charles proclaimed that the New Year's Day be moved to 1st of January. What custom did the reluctance of some to follow the royal proclamation lead to?

13. It is an example of sfumato and chiaroscuro; it was carried by its creator wherever he went; it is also known as La Giaconda. This was stolen from its museum, and more people went to see the empty space than ever before or after. What?

14. In how many volumes is the British constitution contained?

15. What was done to sardines in 1834, tomatoes in 1847, condensed milk in 1856, and salmon in 1864?

16. What military operations were codenamed:
    a. Operation Z
    b. Operation Overlord?

17. On 19th May 1962, at Madison Square Garden, Marilyn Monroe sang this song for President Kennedy. Stevie Wonder has also sung this song for Martin Luther King Jr. What song?

18. Established in 1933 by Herman Goering, how is the Geheime Staatspolizie better remembered?

19. Which famous director once said, 'I can't bear suspense?'

20. How do we better know Princess Aurora who is courted by Prince Phillip in children's tales?


This woman was the first black actress to win an Oscar. What is her name and the role for which she got the award?

22. What country does this flag belong to?

23. Identify this.


Van Gogh did this self-portrait after he had cut his ear off in a fit of madness. But there is a factual discrepancy in the painting. What?

25. This famous man and his wife lie side by side in the graves shown. Name him.

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