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 Sahityaki Quizzes - 2001

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Literature Quiz Finals - Choose Your Book Round

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Pick the piece of fiction you think you remember the most about.

As You Like It by William Shakespeare The Godfather by Mario Puzo
The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton
The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer
Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevensen The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle

As You Like It: 

1. For whom time trots, according to Ganymede?

2. When Touchstone tells the seven degrees of the lie, what is the dispute that he talks about?

3. Dead shepherd, now I find thy saw of might: ‘Whoever lov’d that lov’d not at first sight?’ Who says this and who is being referred to as the Dead Shepherd?

4. ‘His very hair is of the dissembling colour.’ What colour is Orlando’s hair?

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The Godfather:

1. Why was Vito sent to America even when he was just 12?

2. Why was Tom Hagen the child shunned by people?

3. What were the Don’s last words?

4. What did Tom Hagen say Mike had to learn?

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The Highwayman:

1. The wind was a torrent of darkness among the gusty trees; and the moon was ....?

2. What type of knot was Bess plaiting into her long black hair?

3. Who listened in the dark old inn-yard?

4. What did King George’s men do the first thing in the inn?

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Jurassic Park:

1. Why according to the scientists would the dinosaurs not survive outside the Jurassic Park?

2. For what was the Chaos Theory initially made?

3. The height profile of the Compys showed a normal Gaussian curve. What was wrong with it?

4. For what practical solution did they have to create twice the number of other dinosaurs as Compys?

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The Fountainhead:

1. Before the Stoddard trial, Toohey digs up a photo from the archive, which shows Roark in an exalted mood. What caption does he give to this photo?

2. When is the only time Howard Roark and Ellsworth Toohey talk to each other face to face? 

3. What is the name of Gail Wynand’s yacht, and why is it named so? 

4. What building does Roark criticize while talking to the Dean of Stanford?

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Kane and Abel:

1. What book was Matthew Lester, the friend of William Kane, reading when he died? He had completed all but 80 pages of that book. It was an American bestseller at that time.

2.  How did Richard Kane, William’s father, die?

3. When does William Kane first meet Thaddeus Cohen (from whom he gets his investigative work done, and through whom he gives Abel a loan)?

4. How does Abel Rosnovski get his name?

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Treasure Island:

1. When Black Dog visits the Captain, something is left which can be seen at the Admiral Benbow to this day. What?

2. How many men on the dead man’s chest – Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum?

3. What does Captain Flint, the parrot, call out when Jim returns to the stockade after capturing the ship and finds the buccaneers camped there? 

4. What one thing does Ben Gunn say he missed the most, and often dreamt about?

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The Sign of Four:

1. What exactly was the sign that was called the Sign of Four?

2. How did John Small lose his leg?

3. How was the room in which Bartholomew died used?

4. How did the Aurora disappear for 3 days so that the Baker Street Irregulars were unable to locate it?

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